Zwilling Pro 7 Piece Knife Block Set

$369.00 $429.99

This Pro 8-piece knife block set features an essential set of high-quality tools to set your kitchen up right. Create garnishes and peel vegetables with the paring knife, achieve precise results in-hand and on a cutting board with the prep knife, and chop herbs, dice onions, and mince garlic with the all-rounder chef’s knife.

The easy-to-use, pull through sharpener will sharpen even the dullest blades. With coarse and fine ceramic slots, you can sharpen your knives with the coarse grit, then hone with the fine grit. The knives are stored in a handsome 10-slot knife block.

ZWILLING Pro boasts a unique curved bolster that acts as an extension of the hand, supporting the professional pinch grip, with thumb and index finger on the blade, for safe cutting and less fatigue. The blade was designed with a broad curve in the front to facilitate the rocking motion of Western cutting, while the straight back is ideal for the chopping motion Japanese knives were designed for. The full length of the blade can be used when cutting and can be sharpened from bolster to tip.

      Details: Set includes: 4-inch paring, 5.5-inch prep, 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch bread knife, kitchen shears, 9-inch honing steel, 2-stage knife sharpener, and 16-slot hardwood knife block. Full tang and handle are triple riveted for superb stability. Precision-honed blade and laser-controlled edge ensures ideal cutting angle for sharpness and durability. Made in Germany.