Audubon's Animals: Quadrupeds of North America


Books transport us to a different time and place. And this incredible Audubon volume infuses the moment with the history of exploration, the spark of discovery, and the groundedness that comes with understanding nature anew.  John James Audubon set out to document North America's mammals--many never before depicted or seen outside of their native habitat--in the breathtaking color and detail that was his trademark. First published in 1854, Audubon's portraits of the nation's native mammals are still considered by many to include the finest animal prints ever published.

Photographs of prints from the original volumes held by the Natural History Museum, London. 

John James Audubon was a naturalist and painter and is considered one of the greatest ornithological artists of all time.

Details: 1.4" H x 14.0" L x 10.9" W. 160 pages and 4.95lb. Hardcover.

Author: Kristofer M. Helgen is a research associate at both New York's American Museum of Natural History and London's Natural History Museum.