For Our Feet - Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Slippers

Ok, we know, we're not a brand that's all about shoes. And you probably won't see stilettos discussed here. But we can't help but share some thoughts on these SLIPPERS! Or maybe they're sandals. It doesn't really matter how you use them. Just that you know that these babies are awesome.

So here's the scoop: About a year ago we stayed with some good friends down near Manchester VT. The wife is one of those people who looks effortlessly cool. She also inevitably recommends things that I end up buying. That time, it was these Birkenstock shearling lined Arizona sandals, bought online about 30 seconds after I tried hers on. 

What makes them great: 

I've found mine on Amazon

Sharing a few shots of my not-so-cute feet and an imperfect pedi. But you can get the idea for their general awesomeness. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!