Vermont Flood Support

At Addison West, we take pride in our Green Mountain State and our Vermont roots. Vermont is a state inextricably tied to the earth. A state full of individuals, businesses and organizations focused on making things better for each other, for our communities, and for the broader good. 

Like many, we are heartbroken by this week's disastrous flooding across our home state. We were lucky. Our employees and both shops are safe, and only nominally impacted by the flooding. But SO MANY of our friends, small business colleagues and community members have not been so lucky. They need our help. Help to clean up. Help to rebuild. Help to restore. To regrow. And to restock. 

To that end, we have pledged $500 to the Vermont Community Foundation's Vermont Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023, a 5013C dedicated to the flood response and recovery efforts.

In addition, we will be contributing a percentage of every purchase made at Addison West through Sunday July 16th to benefit the flood recovery efforts. 

Thank you for your support of our small business. And for your support of Vermont. If you'd like to consider donating yourself, directly, please follow the link above.  

Monique Bonner

Owner, Addison West