Beverage Elixir: Baking Spice


We love these beverage elixirs from Alice & the Magician. Every ingredient is carefully sourced from the finest botanicals in the world and hand blended in small batches to preserve their delicate aromatics. Add 3-5 drops to highlight the dark, raw and nutty elements of any Whiskey, Bourbon or Rum cocktail.

Baking Spice: The bittersweet bite of cacao nibs from Venezuela balanced by the earthy spice of Madagascan cinnamon bark and the creamy comforting waft of vanilla bean pressed in France. 

About Alice & the Magician: Two brothers from Vermont with a passion for the perfection of flavor. After a combined 30 years as chefs and bartenders they decided to travel the world with the intention of collecting the finest aromatics and sharing them with the world. Through a unique extraction and blending technique they developed a way to add pure, natural, fresh aromatics to drinks like never before.