Cloud Study


Billows of early evening clouds close a warm spring day. The mood is serene, complete. All there is left to do is relax in gift of this moment.  

Reproduction archival print. White washed hardwood frame.  

Details: 23 x 25"

Materials: Wood. Glass. Paper.

Additional $75 handling fee 

About Simon Denis 

Simon Denis (1755-1813) was born in Antwerp but settled in Italy from 1786, living in Rome and Naples. He was court painter to Joseph Bonaparte, King of Naples, from 1806 until his death in 1813.

While in Italy Denis specialised in finished landscapes of famous sites, such as the waterfalls of Tivoli near Rome. His technique was exact and detailed and he paid great attention to naturalistic details and light effects. During his period in Rome he also made oil sketches in the open air, which unusually he often signed and annotated. Description Courtesy of the National Gallery