The Musician Coasters


Did they ski? Do they snowboard? Maybe. Maybe not. But we love the look no matter what. Bring some musical inspiration to your apres. 

Details: 3.5" square by .25"H. High-density satin finish fiberboard. 

Series 1: Snoop - Easy - Eminem - Kanye
Series 2: Bowie - Stevie -  Dylan - Mick
Series 3: Marvin - Jimi - Tina - Petty
Series 4: Dolly -  Elton - Prince - Freddie
Series 5: Marley - Jerry - Vedder - Trey

About the artist: Shannon Henn is an international organization developer, brand and marketing director, artist and travel advisor known for executing some of the most extreme concerts and events in the world including; the highest concert on Earth at Everest Basecamp, the first concert atop Mt Kilimanjaro, and the largest group on the Inca Trail. In 2007 she was the founding executive director of the World’s leading Rock and Roll cancer foundation, Love Hope Strength. She returned to her passion for art in 2015 and quickly rose to become a “notable artist” and was selected as one of the “artists of the year” by online curated purveyors such as Vango Art. Her commissioned paintings can now be found throughout the World in homes and businesses.