Beverage Elixir: Citrus


We love these cocktail elixirs from Alice & the Magician. Flavor elixirs are not bitters.  They are not extracts. They are not spices. They are something far more exciting and pure.  Every ingredient is carefully sourced from the finest botanicals in the world and hand blended in small batches to preserve their delicate aromatics.

Shows a bounty of fruit grown in the citrus groves of France, Italy, and Mexico. Juicy, ripe notes of Wild Orange with a tart, a clean splash of grapefruit and the cooling zest of lime to finish. 

Add 3-5 drops per drink. Can be used to replace or complement the citrus wheel, slice, or rind in any cocktail. 

About Alice & the Magician: Two brothers and bartenders from Vermont with a passion for the perfection of flavor. Alice & the Magician believe the soul of flavor lies in aromatics. Through their unique extraction and blending technique they have developed a way to add pure, natural, fresh aromatics to elevate the drinking experience.