Gravesco Pottery Signature Mug in Forest Green

$20.00 $38.00

See that little twisty handle? It's actually magic. A ergonomic pinched handle that is effortless to hold. An especially great choice on those mornings when you need an extra dose of caffeine.

Details: Holds 12+ ounces. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Handmade on the potter's wheel by real humans in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indentation under the handle gives extra knuckle room. Each one is unique and has the makes of the markers.

About Gravesco Pottery takes great pride in the art of handmade ceramics, where each piece undergoes a meticulous process from raw clay to the finished product. They believe in creating a connection between the pottery and its users, emphasizing the craftsmanship, love, and story behind each piece. With sustainability in mind, they source materials locally, recycle clay scraps, and reclaim water. Their intentional designs focus on functionality and unique touches, celebrating variations that come from human touch and kiln placements. Gravesco Pottery's dedication to handmade craftsmanship and sustainable practices makes each piece a cherished addition to any home.