Vintage Lucky Horseshoe


These aged steel horseshoes are now ready for a second use! Horseshoes have long been a talisman of good fortune. And they look great mounted over a door or entryway. Also a really nice a housewarming gift.

There's no right way to mount a horseshoe. Some say the ends should point up to catch the luck. Others say that the ends should point down so that luck will rain on those entering. Whatever way you choose we wish you good fortune and good luck!

Each one is unique and different. Please note in your order if you'd prefer one with  more patina and rust or one with brighter steel. 

Details: 5" L  x 5.5" H

Material: Steel 

Note: We always aim to source highest quality vintage items. But given time and prior use vintage items can have imperfections or irregularities. We believe this adds to the character and appeal of these pieces.