How to Read the Wilderness


From the mountains to the ocean shores, from the wetlands to the deserts, North America teems with flora and fauna in delicately balanced ecosystems found nowhere else on Earth. Understand the language of nature and see those wild places with new eyes, learn to recognize the lobed leaf of an Oracle Oak, the webbed tracks of a River Otter, and the fine, cream-colored tentacles of a Frilled Anemone.

Celebrating a tradition of knowledge established by the Nature Study Guild. For more than sixty years, the Guild's pocket guidebooks have helped hikers, campers, foragers, and explorers navigate the great outdoors. Now, the best of the guides' informative text and iconic illustrations are gathered in one handsome hardcover: the perfect reference for today's ramblers.

Details:  Hardcover. 500 pages.

About The Author

The Nature Study Guild has consistently provided practical, charming guidebooks to generations of explorers and amateur naturalists. The FINDER guides have become some of the most recognizable field guides on the market.