Joel Coffee Table*


How much do you want that 'just right' right coffee table? One that's modern but still timeless, with a durable heft? Try this out: Throw your feet up. Watch a toddler hang on the sides for a practice walk. See teenagers plopping down for extra seating.... And then revel in the fact that you're not panicking over some precious piece.  

Details: 40W X 40D X 18.5H.  70 Lb. 

Material: Mahogany with distressed grey finish

Available for in-store pick up and local delivery. Ships within 7 to 9 weeks.

About Noir: In 2004, Georg Baehler and Stephanie Lu formed Noir Trading, Inc. with a mission to manufacture furniture that deftly balances design and affordability. 15 years later, Noir has established itself with a hand-crafted line of over 1500 products.