Spalted Maple Bowl


The maple tree is beloved throughout New England for it’s wood, syrup and vibrant fall foliage.  Maple wood is characterized by a smooth grain and unique light color.  These bowls are uniquely crafted from fallen maple trees, in the early stages of decomposition. This process creates the remarkable and unique spalted lines running throughout the wood. 

Details: Available in 13" D & 15" D. Oval. Each bowl is a one of a kind. 

About Spencer Peterman: 

Spencer is a master craftsman and artist, magically breathing new life into decomposing wood.  Each of the wood accessories he creates has its own unique story, and is handcrafted here, in New England.  

The Peterman family believe in upcycling – taking logs that are discarded, and making something beautiful out of them.  Normally, local tree service companies would get rid of, chip up or make firewood out of decaying logs – and that’s where Spencer Peterman came in. They uniquely embrace the natural decomposition process that gives each of their wooden serving boards and bowls a distinctive character. All Peterman bowls use woods local to central New England: the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont forests.