Railroad Lantern - Vintage White


A modern twist on an antique and well-loved Union Pacific vintage lantern. Gorgeous seeded glass and copper accents make this a unique light for a curated dinner table or at camp. High-tech and functional, this lantern utilizes battery or USB with a run time of 100+ hours on low or 3.5 hours on high. Adjustable brightness LED Edison-style bulb provides a classic warming glow perfect for every occasion.

Details: 6.50" x 6.50" x 9.50". Metal + glass. Items Included: 1 Railroad Lantern. 1 Li-ion Battery 2-18650. 1 USB cable. Metal construction with replaceable seeded glass globe. Adjustable brightness LED Edison-style bulb. Carry handle with unique copper, matte black, or white zinc finish cage details. 3.2 Watt warm Edison-style LED filament. Color Temperature: 3000k. Lumens: Low: 35 High: 200. Input: 5V USB. Battery: Li-ion Battery 2-18650 | 4400mAh 3.7V 16.28Wh (Barebones specific). Run Time: Low: 100+ Hrs | High: 3.5 Hrs. Built-in charging system. USB-C cable Included. 

About Barebones: Barebones has a history steeped in philanthropic work. The first product created by the Barebones team was the state-of-the-art emergency shelter. This continues to be one of the primary assets they provide to underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts. With these bare-bone shelters, people in countries across the globe are actively receiving the protection they desperately need.

Barebones has evolved from its philanthropic roots, but continues humanitarian efforts and the “Do Good” philosophy it was founded on. They are about food, nature, and the pull of the fire. Whether you’re cultivating, cooking, camping, or exploring, Barebones products will elevate your outdoor experience.