Mist Me! Backyard Set

$40.00 $50.00

We love these aromatic mists from Alice & the Magician. They add a unique flavor- filled addition to your cocktails (or mocktails!) We think that once you try these they'll become a permanent part of your bar collection. :-) 

This set is made for the bourbon or whiskey lover in your life.  Guaranteed to turn a manhattan, old fashioned, or bourbon neat into something magical.  Flavors included: Bonfire Smoke. Rosemary & Honey. Pine Forest.

About Alice & the Magician: 

Two brothers and bartenders from Vermont with a passion for the perfection of flavor. Alice & the Magician believe the soul of flavor lies in aromatics. Through their unique extraction and blending technique they have developed a way to add pure, natural, fresh aromatics to elevate the drinking experience.