Tri Color Bean Blend Seeds

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A trio of bush beans come together to make this delightful, high-yielding mix. This is a well-suited mix of 3 high-yielding varieties that produce beans at the same time, making a tri-color bean harvest a breeze! 50 seeds sows 12-20 feet; sow in successions to spread the harvest out a bit.

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About Hudson Valley Seed Company: The Hudson Valley Seed Company are both farmers and storytellers. They are committed to growing organically, sourcing locally and sustainably, and preserving crop diversity by selecting unique, rare, and hard-to-find varieties. Every seed in their catalog is open pollinated, many are heirloom and organic, and they are never GMO. They believe that a seed is more than meets the eye: it is a time capsule telling tales of the plants, crops, and people that came before us, and they work with a range of artists as diverse as their seeds to pass those stories down to present and future gardeners.