Farmhouse Pottery Windrow Berry Bowl


This is the piece that started it all: created when the Farmhouse Pottery studio lived in the owner's basement. This useful bowl makes fruit easy to clean and presents fresh produce with crafted elegance. Holds more than a pint of berries and easily fits in the refrigerator. Each hole is hand carved by a master potter around the body and bottom of the bowl. The holes act as a colander and won't let the berries slip through, while ensuring your bounty won't sit soaking in water. The holes allow for drainage as well as aeration, keeping your berries fresher, longer!

Details: 7.25" X 3.25". Wheel Thrown In Vermont. Durable American Stoneware Pottery.Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher Safe

About Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery is comprised of old-world potters with simple tools and strong beliefs in process and authenticity. They believe farmers, craftsmen, and makers are the core of our communities, and that farm-to-table isn't a foodie trend, but rather the rediscovery of a more sustainable lifestyle and value system. Through their craft and in their daily lives, they are reconnecting others to this lifestyle and defining its place in the modern day. They are America's studio pottery and this is their American dream.