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How to Warm Up a White Kitchen

How to Warm Up a White Kitchen

Have you been looking at home magazines, Pintrest, or Instagram lately? If so, you've probably noticed that kitchen styles are evolving. Deeply jewel toned cabinets. Rich mahogany woods. Copper and brass accents. The days of the  bright, all white kitchen seem to be behind us... 

But what if you love your white kitchen? What it that light airy feel brightens your mornings. What if a dark kitchen conjures up the (not so positive) feels of the 1990s? Maybe it's hard to 'go back.' Like mom jeans and white sneakers... sometimes it's hard to joyfully embrace a trend when you've lived a version of it once already. 

Well, we've got three ideas for ways to warm up your white kitchen. Ways to bring the white kitchen into this new era without committing to a full repaint or renovation. 

1) More wood and wicker. Natural warmth and texture. Wood, rattan and wicker accents and furnishings are a great way to add contrast, texture and bring the outside into an all-white kitchen. Maybe you've used some wood accents already, some bowls on a shelf, or wood stools. If so, now's the time to dial those up. Think about adding in some greens, blacks and muted accessories. And the best part about these changes? You can easily swap them out. 

White kitchen with corner shelves and wicker baskets and wood bowls

2) Add a little light. Small lamps are taking center stage in kitchens. They're a lovely little way to cast a warm glow day or night. And like those wood accents, easy to change out and adapt etc. Want to take things up a notch? Find a fun fabric lampshade to add even more warmth and personality to your space!

White kitchen with glass cabinets and small lamp under upper cabinets

3) Embrace the accent island. Or accent cabinets! Islands can be a study in contrasts. Swap out the island top. Paint the base. Or build it out of wood. If you love some of the rich colors you're seeing in new kitchen designs, but aren't sure about committing to your whole space, picking a span of cabinets to outfit in a contrasting color is another great way to bring in richness and depth while still enjoying your white kitchen. 

White kitchen with dark green kitchen island and white pendant lights

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Photographs by Dwelling Photography

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