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Vintage Looks for Kids

Vintage Looks for Kids

We love infusing kids spaces with vintage art and accessories. Especially items that have a personal connection to hobbies, interests, travel experiences, or family history.

Our boys each chose their own room colors. These colorful vintage pennants pop on the blue in one room and showcase connections to local destinations

Boys room decorated with a  selection of colorful vintage pennants hung on the wall.

In our 'playroom' (now that our boys are 13 and 15 I should probably stop calling it that) we've hung a vintage travel poster with a bold train image. Our younger son was obsessed with trains when he was little. He carried around his favorite little metal silver train with him everywhere - much like other kids might do with a stuffed animal or blanket. So this print, which has been in our home for many years, really feels particularly well suited to their space. 


Boys playroom with dark carpet, white walls and light wood built in shelves and cabinets. Styled with two dark blue swivel chairs.

The upper shelves were purpose built to fit a vintage truck and fire engine. Both hand-me-downs from their grandfather.     

Shelves decorated with books and vintage red truck.


Shelves decorated with vintage red truck and birchbark canoe.

And these are more than just displays. Both trucks got a LOT of play from my Dad as a child and both our boys. On these open and accessible shelves they're ready and waiting to come down anytime to get played with again. 


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