America's Great Forest Trails: 100 Woodland Hikes of a Lifetime


An unprecedented showcase and practical travel guide to the finest woodland hiking opportunities. No other book combines the hiking-boots-on-the-ground guidance found here with spectacular photography and narratives that describe, motivate, and inspire the hiker in all of us.

America’s Great Forest Trails introduces readers to 100 hikes of a lifetime, from legendary trails to some that are scarcely known. The trails included range across the country: from the ancient Appalachians and the Pacific Coast’s uplift, to the Rockies, Desert Ranges, Sierra Nevada, Cascade Mountains, Olympics, and beyond to the wild terrain of Alaska and the islands of Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Details: 10.37 x 1.26 x 10.27 inches. Hardcover. 320 pages.

About The Author

Tim Palmer has written and photographed 26 books about the outdoors, adventure travel, and the environment. He has won two National Outdoor Book Awards, the Independent Publishers Award, and other honors. For five decades, he has been hiking and exploring throughout the mountains of America.