Mount Mansfield Organic Maple Cream


Details: 9 oz jar. Ingredients: Maple syrup. Made in Vermont. 

About Mount Mansfield Maple products: Nestled within the foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains near the base of Vermont's tallest peak, Mount Mansfield, they harvest maple sap from over one thousand acres of the most loved and well cared for maple trees in the world. Their farm includes beaver ponds and mountain streams, rolling pastures and thick brush, old growth forests and new, cliffs and hollows and a breathtaking views from the top of our sugar bush at 1,500 feet of elevation. The team at Mount Mansfield feel that they are stewards of the woods.  From the harvesting of maple sap to the distribution of our products, they strive to have a minimal impact on our environment. Whenever possible they utilize recycled and post consumer sourced materials for our distribution and reuse and recycle everything we can.