Shelters of the Long Trail


Shelters of the Long Trail features some of the most iconic shelters, lodges, and camps along the 272 miles of Vermont’s Long Trail.

A shelter was chosen for each of the twelve divisions of the trail;
Division I - Congdon Shelter
Division II - Goddard Shelter
Division III - Spruce Peak Shelter
Division IV - Little Rock Pond Shelter
Division V - Cooper Lodge
Division VI - David Logan Shelter
Division VII - Skyline Lodge
Division VIII - Glen Ellen Lodge
Division IX - Buchanan Shelter
Division X - Butler Lodge
Division XI - Round Top Shelter
Division XII - Journeys End

Details: 18”W x 24”H. Black ink screen print on 100 lb. French paper. Prints are signed and dated. Posters will be mailed rolled in a cardboard tube. Please note: Prints come unframed.

About Zarabeth Duell: MTN GRL Studio’s work is largely inspired by Vermont's Green Mountains. Growing up in Vermont, many of Zarabeth's childhood vacations were woven around camping, hiking, and spending time outside. Hiking along the Long Trail, both solo and with her family, continues to be one of her favorite activities.