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Things we love: Brass sinks

Things we love: Brass sinks

I debated such a long time about the sinks for our kitchen remodel. One of my big debates was that I was trying to find ways to make the kitchen feel like it had been there a while. The whole house is pretty much 'new' at this point after 8 years of renovations. And I didn't want it all to feel brand new. I wanted to find things that felt warm and worn-in to balance the fresh bright paint and new windows. 

I looked at porcelain sinks but decided I didn't want white. I looked at copper sinks but decided I wanted something that worked more closely with my bronze pulls. So, in the end, I decided to go with custom brass sinks. We have two - one in the kitchen and one in our bar area. Here I'm showing our kitchen sink, which we designed to our favorite depth and to have an added a smaller side section which we use all the time for rinsing, draining etc. 

The thing that's important to know about brass sinks is that they are a 'living' finish. This means that the texture of the metal changes over time by exposure to water, air and everything else you have going on in your sink. I'm not surprised to see ring marks in the morning after someone leave a glass in the sink overnight. So, you have to love that. And I mean REALLY love that kind of marking, and changing, and the look that always seems kind of.... well.... dirty?


The thing is, the sink is not dirty. We sponge it down with soap and water every day. But the patina grows and changes over time, even with that daily maintenance. This is after a week or so. 

And this is after two weeks of not polishing the sink. Definitely lots of texture and patina. I love it like this. But it after a certain point - for me it's at about the two week mark - I'm ready to start fresh. That's when we break out the bar keepers friend and do a polishing of the sink. 

And THIS is what it looks like after about 5 minutes of polishing with a sponge and bar keepers friend. Not a big deal, easy to do, but really not something you want to be doing EVERY day. If you want an every day shiny, bright clean looking sink.... this is probably NOT the sink for you. 

Interested in exploring a custom brass sink? We purchased ours from Texas Lightsmith in Austin and they were great to work with. Have fun!




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