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Things we love: The best of Etsy for fall

Things we love: The best of Etsy for fall

I've been a huge Etsy fan for years. I've happily hunted for personalized gifts, handmade cribbage boards, and cool creators. But sometimes navigating this incredibly diverse marketplace can feel a bit overwhelming. So we're starting our "Best of Etsy" series. Each month, we'll highlight the the stores we're buying from, products we're loving up, or hearing great things about. And we'd love to hear your thoughts on YOUR top finds too! Feel free to share in the comments. Happy hunting!

African Baskets and Textiles at Paulski Art 

This shop is the real deal for imported baskets and textiles from Africa. We have a Tonga basket hanging in our bedroom and I absolutely love the sculptural, earthy feel it brings to the space.

Rustic Stools at Acumen Collection

Personalized service and a process of hand selecting just the right stool for customers make this destination a favorite that gets repeat buyers. I'm a huge fan of the milking stools. 

And I am just dying to find a space to fit a couple of their adorable leather pommel stools. 

Dog Beds by Backup Designs

When you have a cool last name like Backup why not name your cool brand the same?! Elizabeth Backup designs and creates these awesome mud cloth dog beds. I've had one in my cart for months. I haven't pulled the trigger because I just can't decide which design! 




Jan 09, 2021

Those dog beds are great!

Amanda Werner

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