Berg's Pottery Flora Pot Set


Flora. The roots of her design can be traced back to the 1800s. A simple design meant to accentuates her contents, and is guaranteed to appeal to the keen botanist.

The name Flora refers to the goddess of the same name, who in Roman mythology was the goddess of all plants, flowers, and fertility. Plants. Flowers. Goddess. Indeed. 

Details: Rosa available in Small 10cm/3.94", Medium 12cm/4.72" and Large 16cm/6.30". Handmade in Italy.

Raw terracotta. Includes pot and saucer. Protect porous surfaces. Clean with a soft brush.  Store in cold seasons empty and upside down. 

About Bergs Pottery: Premium quality flowerpots your plants love since 1942. Designed in Denmark and hand crafted in Italy.