Cobalt Swirl Enamelware Round Tray


Enamelware is a timeless classic. Reminiscent of camps and cabins, of old wash basins, pots and kettles. We've come a long way since Enamelware first started being forged in the 1850s. Today's technology is lead free, non stick and highly durable.  Crafted with porcelain fused to carbon steel, producing a highly durable design ready to work for your cooking and serving now and for years to come.

But what we love the most about Enamelware today are the patterns and finishes that remind us of home, of history, of gatherings and seasons and moments to remember. So plan that feast, set that table, or throw that picnic in the basket. We've got the enamelware for making the most of the season upon us. 

Details: 15.5"D x 1.5"H Round Tray. Kiln Fired Porcelain Enamel Finish on Steel. Stainless Steel Rim for Extra Durability. Dishwasher Safe. Not Intended for Microwave. 

About Golden Rabbit: Golden Rabbit enamelware products are handcrafted in Indonesia where porcelain enamels are fused onto carbon steel at very high temperatures. They focus on the finest material - forging from thick gauge steel and Belgium's finest porcelain enamel to create a durable, strong and non-stick surface. Finished with a stainless steel rim, Golden Rabbit enamelware holds up to oven, stove-top and even broiler heat, as well as freezer storage. It can be cut on and is dishwasher safe. Founded in 1989, Golden Rabbit utilize strict third-party testing to ensure their products are always absolutely food-safe and extremely durable.