Get Lost Camping Survival Kit


Consider it a survival kit for actually enjoying the outdoors. This kit includes all the camping essentials–minus a 50-gallon drum of bug spray. Specifically: a baseplate field compass, a collapsible flatware set, a flint striker, and a compact travel memo book to archive all of your various travels, memories, and rashes.

Details7 x 2 x 8 inches. Included: baseplate field compass, collapsible flatware set, flint striker, compact travel memo book

What's Included

  • Features everything you could possibly need to enjoy the outdoors (besides, you know, a hotel room).
  • Start a campfire, cook your own food, and use the baseplate compass to find the nearest Taco Bell after you fail miserably.
  • Includes a 44-page travel journal to record your 'adventures.'