Take Me Back: An Anecdotal History of the Mad River Valley


Take a history tour through the Mad River Valley with Kathy Mehuron's engaging book. An ideal read for history buffs, Vermont lovers, and anyone who has connected with this incredible part of the Green Mountain State. 

Details: 8.5" x 11" x 1". Hardcover 226 pages. 

About The Author

Mary Kathleen Mehuron is a career educator who made a splash with her first book, Fading Past, an autobiographical novel whose protagonist, like Mary Kathleen, grew up Irish-Catholic in New Jersey. The Opposite of Never is Mary Kathleen’s second book, and to finish it, she traveled alone to Havana in January 2015 in order to experience the city before it became Americanized. Mary Kathleen lives and teaches in a ski town in Vermont where they call her Kathy. This is where she and her husband raised three sons,  and she is an occasional columnist and writes curriculum daily for private math and science students. She takes extended time to work on her novels on Grand Turk Island and in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.