Liberty Puzzles A Tasty Treat


Winter forest friends. A folkloric gathering telling a magic tale. Can you hear the story?  

Details: 551 piece puzzle. Completed puzzle is 13.75 x 17.5. Released October 2020. Artist: Pat Scott 

About Liberty Puzzles: Established in 2005 by Jeff Eldridge and Chris Wirth, Liberty Puzzles are a return to the golden age of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Liberty Puzzles is the product of Eldridge and Wirth’s shared passion for the rich history and social experience of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Wirth’s great-grandmother was friends with the owners of Chagrin Falls wooden puzzles, which sprang up in the post-Depression era as a wholesome pastime for cash-strapped families. The Wirth family inherited more than 100 Chagrin Falls puzzles, which quickly became the centerpiece of their family vacations. Piece by piece, hours of shared attention turned into generations of cherished family memories. Liberty Puzzles are designed to bring the intricacy, craftsmanship, and beauty of classic wooden jigsaw puzzles to new generations of collectors. Some twenty years on, Eldridge and Wirth are still at it — designing, manufacturing, and distributing heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles out of their hometown of Boulder, Colorado, USA.