Poldina Pro Micro Table Lamp in White


The loveliest little light. Ready to cast its nighttime glow. This is the little sister to the Poldina Pro - slightly smaller in stature but still ready to cast that warm light for table inside or out. Made of painted diecast aluminum - suitable for indoor or outdoor scenarios. 

Details: Includes contact charging base. Rechargeable and replaceable lithium-Ion battery pack lasts approximately 400 charging cycles. Order replacement battery packs from Zafferano America. Battery lasts about 7-8 hours at full power. Charging time is 3-4 hours. Suitable for outdoor use. Polycarbonate diffuser. Full-range touch dimming.

Specifications: 2.8 x 2.8 x 10.8 inches. 1.8W LED - 142 lm - 2200 / 2700 / 3000K. Die-cast aluminum body

To recharge your Poldina Pro Micro lamp, plug the USB terminal on the charging base into a 5V-1A USB charging plug adaptor (not included) or a USB multi-port charging station. Place the lamp on the base. The translucent top will glow red while charging and turn green once the charging cycle is complete. A full charge takes 3-4 hours. The fully charged lamp may remain on the charging cradle without damaging the battery.

About Zafferano: Zafferano America creates a range of decorative, technical, and rechargeable lighting using the beauty of form, color and glass. The company draws upon Federico de Majo’s 30-plus years of experience creating lamps for a discerning clientele. The company is based in Italy, with inspiration drawn from the lagoons of Venice echoing in each design.