Katie Babic Vermont Playing Cards


Our grand parents used to collect playing cards. Were they for bridge? Ladies game nights? Solitaire? Whatever the reason there were drawers and drawers of them to discover on visits. Images of animals and far away places. Art work and imprints. Each with a story. 

Iconic playing cards. There might be no better way to connect with the collections of the past and the traditions of the future. 

Details: Classic deck. Comes packaged in clear hard plastic case for easy storage and long term protection. 

About Katie Babic: Born and raised in Vermont, Katie came to this second career like many of us: In 2020, she shifted from a career in education to life at home with the three small kids she shares with her high school sweetheart/husband. In the quiet disconnect she reconnected with her creative self, fusing her passion for nature and art. Katie's prints synchronize the soul of a place, nature and home, of our beloved roots and shared sense of history.

Her uniquely personal work inspires broader thoughts of environmental stewardship and conservation. 'Surround yourself with the things that are meaningful," says Katie, "with things that make your heart feel whole." Whole hearted. That is *exactly* how we feel when we're with Katie's work.