The Wedding Edit

At Addison West we believe in the magic of the perfect something. And when it comes to wedding gifts, we know that it's got to really be a P-E-R-F-E-C-T something. Timeless. One of a kind. Bespoke. There are many ways to say it, but how do you find it? That special gift that will become well loved, stand the test of time and always serve as a reminder of the day and the moment. We've got a few ideas for you. Many local. Often handmade. All timeless.


1) A gift for them to savor the moment. In 2013, David Sutton built a pour-over stand for his wife, never intending to sell one. But lucky for us, he did. And now his Clerk Pour Over Stand is practically iconic. Made for a slower moment. The simplicity of the pour over. As Sutton says, it's kind of the pendulum swing away from the hyperdigital world that we live in.” 
2) A gift to remember the day. The most special day. And the day with so, so many photos. Here's a gift to get them off the phone, out of the digital memory books, and onto the bookshelf. The Côte d'Ivoire Picture Frame will transport them to the time and place. The moment. 
3) A gift to inspire time in the kitchen. The idea for Smithey was hatched while Isaac Morton was tinkering around his woodshed. After years of studying collector’s books and bird-dogging rusty old pieces to restore to their 19th century glory, the prospect of creating something new piqued his curiosity. Originally focused on cast iron, he later expanded into carbon steel. Each piece of the farmhouse collection is individually hand-forged and visually unique. We love the Smithey Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet for everything from skillet searing to casseroles.  


4) A gift that lasts a lifetime. There are few things in the world with a lifetime guarantee. Peugeot mills have exactly that. With beautiful materials, precision grinding elements, these are the mills built to last as long as a lifetime partnership. 

5) A gift for toasting life’s moments.. Cheers to the happy couple! And Cheers to the Rialto Coupe! There are few better ways to celebrate such a festive occasion than with the Sir Madam Rialto Coupe. A color for every spirit, every season, and every cocktail. These are sure to make an anniversary, birthday and every milestone more memorable. Here’s to them! 


6) A gift of tradition. The cutting of the cake. Flower styles ebb and flow. Bow ties come in and out. But the classic cake set? Always in style. And with the Laguiole Ivory Cake Set you're also investing in European tradition and craftsmanship. 

7) A gift of fortitude and beauty. Unsurpassed, slow-cooking perfection. Beloved and iconic.  Staub cookware is the perfect addition to any kitchen. In fact, most of our couples store it on the stovetop as a statement accessory. Here’s to hearty, home-cooked meals shared with family for generations to come!

8) A gift that unites art and tradition. Functional works of art. Unique, vintage-inspired naturalist illustration meets handmade earthware. Just the combination your newlyweds’ guests will marvel at time and again. Laura Zindel’s work has received acclaim well beyond her studio in Vermont, and for good reason!

9) A gift that elevates the every day.. Farmhouse Pottery pitchers are staples for any table - from farmhouse to urban and everywhere in between. The easy pouring, hand-formed spouts and sturdy handles are great for juice and syrup for a long, lazy brunch feast. They’re equally charming as a display of a reimagined version of the bridal bouquet or springtime stems from the garden. 

10) A gift with meaning. Spencer Peterman bowls are one of a kind, sustainably sourced, upcycled, and handcrafted. What’s more, symbolically, the black walnut tree represents wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Your couple will think of you as they put this beautiful bowl to daily use! 


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