Cooking on Fire


For decades, open-fire cooking has been considered a pastime reserved for scouts and elite soldiers, leaving the rest of us to grill sausages on the terrace. But open-fire cooking is for everyone. It is sensuous and impractical in the best sense of the word. It is as much about the time spent making the food as it is about eating it.

Cooking on Fire is full of delicious firecooked recipes requiring varying degrees of effort. It teaches you how to build and light campfires, different campfire cooking techniques, the equipment you will need (if any), and everything else you need to know.

You’ll find classic recipes like Chilli Con Carne and roasted chestnuts but also more challenging dishes that require a fair amount of time—which is a good thing. Because if there is one thing the authors would like to accomplish with this book, it is to give you, the reader, the freedom to sit down by the fire, and with food as the excuse, look into the flames, and relax.

Details: 8.46 x 1.26 x 10.43 inches. Hardcover 272 pages.

About The Author 

Eva H. Tram worked as a gastronomical writer and editor for magazines and guides for several years before she almost accidentally picked up the camera and let her joy of food vitalise in photos as well.

Nicolai Tram worked as a chef in top restaurants in and out of Denmark before leaving the industry to be in television instead